MD greeting

Welcome to our company.

My name is Jeongree Kim from South Korea working at Catch Power Africa LTD. As a managing director. Our company was eshtablished in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013 to provide health and happiness for all customers suffering from chronic dieseses in Africa.

All the products of our company come from Korea and China with global and domestic patents and government Certificates.

Our products are lifetime use product.

All Catch Power products can be easily used by anyone without any complicated manual, without side effects. Once you have chosen our products, you will experience the extraordinary changes beyond what you expect. After your body has improved, I strongly urge you to use your Massager continuously for your healthy lifetime. Enjoy all catch power products, all the time. We are more commited to provide the best services and currently we’ve established over 30 branches country wide to serve you. In addition, we are recruiting enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to partner with us accross East Africa.

all Catch Power fraternity  wishes you good health as you enjoy our products.

Catch Power Managing Director

Jeongree Kim


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