Catch Power Beauty Soap

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Main effects
1. Kill bacteria,  promote metabolism to regulate human microcirculation,  clear skin Bacteria, and mites

2. Improve blood circulation in  hands, face and neck, regulate skin moisture and temperature

3. Cleansing effect: thoroughly remove toxins from the skin and harmful substances in cosmetics.

4. Beauty effect: remove dirt, eliminate pigmentation, whitening

No dull face, rough skin, pigmentation, loose neck and neck muscles, red silk, freckles 100% natural Soap The ingredients the soap not only bring rich nutrition to the skin, but also bring meticulous and warm care to the skin in the warmth of no stimulation. It contains no chemical components such as preservatives and curing agents to protect the skin, prevent skin diseases and inflammation, and improve skin quality.

CATCHPOWER soap is composed of a variety of minerals, can release far infrared rays and negative ions, can effectively penetrate deep into the skin, is a functional beauty soap that is beneficial to the human body.
CATCHPOWER soap is made from a variety of minerals beneficial to the human body, so it has no side effects on dry skin, neutral skin, oily skin, combination skin, and allergic skin. It also eliminates various toxins and supplies fresh nutrients to keep the skin elastic and fair. A variety of trace elements penetrate into the epidermis and deep layers of the skin, effectively

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