Catch Power Thermal Mini-Mat

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Product Features

  1. It helps in reducing Weight
  2. Helps all internal body organs to function well
  3. Warming function, relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation.
  4. The single-mini mattress adjuster adopts numerical control mode, which is safe, reliable and easy to use.
  5.  It has 156 Catch Power pieces

Eight major functions of CATCH POWER

At room temperature, a large amount of far-infrared rays are
absorbed to neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves. The
effect of magnetic gas is
released. Negative ion
absorption neutralizes water pulse wave
antibacterial action to
prevent static electricity

Its highly recommended to people with chronic diseases like ,high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, cancer etc.

Special characteristics: its flexible enough to use to manage your waist, shoulders, chest, and knees problems by wrapping on them.

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